A palace filled with art and history


The Palacio de Linares building is set in a historically strategic area. Prior to being used as the residence of the Marquis and Marchioness of Linares, it housed the old Molinos de Plata and the Pósito Real (royal grain store). Exquisite and distinctive, Palacio de Linares is part of Madrid's heritage. Its clean lines are the work of architects Carlos Colubí, Adolf Ombrecht and Manuel Aníbal Álvarez. Built from limestone, the palace interior houses an impressive number of Parisian lamps and bronzes, glass from Antwerp, carpets and rugs from the Real Fábrica de Tapices and the Fundación de Gremios and an exclusive collection of paintings by well-known artists such as Francisco Pradilla, Manuel Domínguez and Alejandro Ferrant.  

Escalera del palacioSalón de Embajadores


Both guided tours of the Palacio de Linares and dramatized tours are temporarily suspended. The resumption dates will be communicated in a timely manner when the activity can be resumed.

Visita teatralizadaVisitas teatrales

Plaza de Cibeles, s/n, 28014, Madrid

Dates on which tours are available may vary depending on events and other activities on programmed to take place at Casa de América

PLEASE NOTE: photography and filming are strictly forbidden during tours.

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